How much is too much - Excessive Pharmaceutical Prices in European Competition Law & Regulation

Facing what seems to be a revival of competition law enforcement and policy debate on the topic of excessive pharmaceutical prices on both sides of the Atlantic, we aim to bring together high-level stakeholders in this field including practitioners, in-house counsels, competition authorities and scholars. The notion of “unfair” or excessive prices has been enshrined in article 102 TFEU regarding exploitative pricing abuses by a dominant firm, although the application and enforcement of this has been rather limited in practice. Recent case law and an evolution of thought regarding competition law and legal-economics theories point however to a possible policy shift in this regard.

However, it is further crucial that the necessary debates are taking place within a well-informed and transparent environment that takes into account multiple factors, interests, responsibilities and concerns. This entails inter alia to consider various types of diseases (rare, neglected or blockbuster), treatment outcomes (cure or long dependency), as well as the economic complexities of successful innovation systems and higher societal goals such as sustainability, solidarity and fairness.

Bringing together representatives from OECD, EU Directorate General Competition, Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, International Federation of Pharma Manufacturers & Associations, Danish Cancer Patient Organization and some of the leading scholars in the field, the aim of the conference is to have a true multi-stakeholder perspective on this complex topic to find sustainable solutions for innovation and access in regards to pharmaceuticals.

The issue of excessive pharmaceutical prices will be discussed from perspectives of patent law, R&D and incentives to innovate, competition law and anti-competitive practices as well as human rights and access to medicines.

The confirmed speakers include: 


How much is too much - Excessive Pharmaceutical Prices in European Competition Law & Regulation (pdf)


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