Realising Genomic Medicine: Intellectual Property Issues

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Timo Minssen - Taler

I have been invited by the University of Cambridge to participate in a round-table discussion on IP policy, strategies and licensing practices for genomic medicine. Title of the event: Realising Genomic Medicine: Intellectual Property Issues Venue: The Pitt Building, University of Cambridge Date & Time: 1 May 2015, (2.00pm to 6.30pm) The event is organized by the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences and the Centre for Science and Policy to discuss intellectual property (IP) policy, strategies and licensing practices for genomic medicine. The workshop will take place on 1 May 2015 in The Pitt Building, University of Cambridge. The overall aim of the workshop is to identify and influence key issues in IP affecting the development of genomic medicine. In particular we will focus on the role of IP in the generation of clinical-grade evidence for genetic diagnostic tests, and IP policies for initiatives such as the 100K Genome Project. Some of the topics we hope to address during the workshop include: · IP policies, strategies and licensing practices to help improve the translation of basic genomic science into affordable and widely adopted new treatments; · IP and access policies applicable to commercial involvement in major publicly-funded biobanks (eg 100K Genome Project); · Crucial IP trends within the public and commercial genomic medicine sectors—including patents and non-patent based incentives, and ‘pre-competitive’ public-private partnerships; · The future significance of DNA-related patents for genomic medicine in Europe and the US, following the US Supreme Court decisions in AMP v Myriad and Mayo v Promethueus Laboratories; · The relationship between IP and the financial and regulatory environment for genomic medicine (eg EMEA/FDA standards, HTA, reimbursement); Agenda · 14:00 Arrival & tea in the Pitt Building · 14:15 Welcome & introductions · 14:30 Session 1 · 16:00 Afternoon tea · 16:30 Session 2 · 18:00 Conclusions & wrap up · 18:30 Close formal proceedings ------------------------------------------------------- · 18:45 Drinks followed by dinner in Trinity Hall · 19.15 Discussions continue over dinner · 21:00 Close The workshop will bring together members of the CSaP network including policymakers from the Department of Health, leading scientists and legal experts from industry, the University of Cambridge and elsewhere. It will be chaired by Sir John Chisholm.
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WorkshopRealising Genomic Medicine: Intellectual Property Issues
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