Intellectual property rights and abuse of a dominant position in the light of C-170/13 (Huawei): The XXXIII Nordic Intellectual Property Conference

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Timo Minssen - Oplægsholder

  • JUR Forskningscenterområdet - fordelingssted
Welcome to NIR Copenhagen June 2016
The XXXIII Nordic Intellectual Property Conference – NIR, will be in Copenhagen June 19-21, 2016, when NIR takes place at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in the city of Copenhagen. The Organizing committee wholeheartedly welcomes you to Copenhagen to participate in the conference.

We have not yet ironed out all the details but we are ready to publish the draft program which we believe is very exciting. We also hope that a visit to Copenhagen appeals to our many Nordic colleagues and friends.

We are looking forward to welcoming IP professionals from private practice and industry, academics and students and for that matter anyone with a profound interest in Intellectual Property. Last but not least, we also welcome all accompanying persons that so often enrich the NIR gatherings. We sincerely hope that everyone can find something of their interest during their stay.

On behalf of the Danish organizing group
Peter-Ulrik Plesner

XXXIII Nordic Intellectual Property Conference Copenhagen, Denmark, June 19 – 21, 2016, Radisson Blue Royal Hotel see:
19 jun. 2016

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelXXXIII Nordic Intellectual Property Conference
AfholdelsesstedRadisson Blue Royal Hotel
KontekstInternational begivenhed

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