Innovation vs. Replication- Can IPR be safeguarded in India

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Timo Minssen - Taler

Title of the Presentation: How to deal with section 3 d of the Indian Patent Act: Risks and opportunities This presentation will discuss the Indian Supreme Court's decision in the Novartis/Gleevec case concerning the Constitutional validity and scope of Sec. 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act. This case has clarified the legislative intent behind various key provisions in the Indian Patents Act. It also raises crucial issues regarding India's compliance with TRIPS and the patentability of formulation inventions. The main objective of this session is to analyze the background and practical impact of this decision in order to identify challenges and opportunities for companies entering the Indian market.
18 sep. 2015


WorkshopInnovation vs. Replication- Can IPR be safeguarded in India
AfholdelsesstedFaculty of Law, Studiestræde 6

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