Join the former MEP Mady Delvaux and legal scholar Migle Laukyte discuss law, robotics and artificial intelligence!

Mady Delvaux initiated and chaired the Parliament’s working group on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and was Rapporteur for the 2017 report on Civil law rules of robotics. This report highlighted Delvaux as a leading EU specialist on AI and robotics and helped propel the debate at an EU level. Delvaux wants to see a common EU approach on AI and robotics: one that will address the consequences on liability, employment, education, security and ethics.

Migle Laukyte is CONEX-Marie Curie fellow, working on ALLIES (Artificially InteLLigent EntitIES: Their Legal Status in the Future) project at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M, Spain). This project is dedicated to elaborate a draft model of legal personhood for AI.

Short BIo - Mady Delvaux (pdf)
Short Bio - Migle Laukyte (pdf)


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