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25. juli 2011

Viewing the world through a sustainability lens

Guest Lecture by Prof. Stephen Toope.

On 27 June 2011 the Sustainability Science Center at University of Copenhagen hosted the fourth Copenhagen Sustainability Lecture. Professor Stephen J. Toope, president and professor of law at the University of British Columbia, shared his insights on how to get on "Viewing the World Through a Sustainability Lens".

Talking paper: "Everything is Included" Copenhagen Sustainability Lecture Series (pdf)

Prof. Stephen ToopeStephen Toope has been a driving force behind the "Sustainability Academic Strategy" of the University of British Columbia. The strategy specifies how sustainability is to be an integral part of teaching and learning, research and partnerships, and operations and administration of the University. As part of the strategy, University of British Columbia is experimenting with its campuses as living laboratories to explore, test and demonstrate sustainable solutions for a wide range of problems. As a result, students, faculty and staff work together to discover, learn and take action to guide the campuses toward sustainability. In his lecture, Professor Stephen Toope shared his experiences with the Sustainability Academic Strategy and campus as a living laboratory so that we, in a joined effort, would be able to move a few steps towards a more sustainable development.