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Marlene Louise Buch Andersen

Marlene Louise Buch Andersen


Current research

The current Danish legal regime for preventing mental health-related disorders in the workplace is highly complex. In today’s workforce the magnitude of people going on sick leave because of “work-related” stress/depression is increasing. There seems to be a need for clarifying the scope of the Employer’s liability for the Mental Health of their Employees, and the challenge of establishing legal causation in that connection.

First of all, the aim with my research is to identify and assess the preventive elements in the overall legal regulation in the area of the psychosocial work environment. In doing so, I will carry out a legal doctrinal analysis of the legal framework mainly focusing on the Danish Working Environment Act, Workers Compensation Act and Damages Liability Act.

A second aim with my research is to analyze the above mentioned laws impacts on the parties´ (Employer and Employee) behavior. As a prerequisite for this analysis, I will draw on theories of Law and Economics, and especially the Economic Analysis of Accident Law. When looking at the legal instruments from an economic perspective, it is imperative to assess whether or not the above mentioned laws "actually" works as preventive instruments.


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