PhD Course on Long Term Contracts – Theory and Practices – University of Copenhagen

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PhD Course on Long Term Contracts – Theory and Practices

The PhD School and Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA) invite all PhD students within the discipline of jurisprudence to a course on

Long Term Contracts – Theory and Practices

Course description

Long-term contracts play a central role as a basis for exchanging values in modern society. This applies to contracts made by private as well as public enterprises. Long term contracts are entered into with the aim to establish predictability and stability in transactions and sometimes to secure distribution of important public services. The need for long term commitments is however contradicted by the very nature of the performances and the influence of time. In modern welfare societies long term contracts govern highly complex transactions, which are often extremely sensitive to changes in factual, commercial, and legal conditions. Drawing upon e.g. economic theory, sociology and psychology, legal scholars have aimed to encircle, describe and regulate the obvious demand for flexibility of the contracting parties’ legal positions.

The aim of the course is to analyze this external influence on contract law and – in the light of the Ph.D.-students projects - to discuss the ability of contract law to regulate the parties’ legal positions over time in uncertain and complex settings.

Before the course

PhD students will have assigned readings (100-150 pages) and be asked to submit a description of their project which must highlight how their project relates to the topic of the PhD course, for instance thoughts on how the external impacts over the time of the contract can be addressed in the project and how it might influence on your legal analyses. PhD students working on PhD projects with research questions fitting with the theme of the PhD course will be invited to give a detailed presentation of specific aspects of their project in writing before the course and may be invited to give an oral presentation of these aspects at the course.

During the course

All PhD students will be required to take active part in workshops and group discussions.

After the course

PhD students must prepare a text of maximum 2 pages in which they reflect on how the readings for the course and the discussions at the course may improve their research projects.

The PhD course will be followed by the International conference: Private actors as providers of welfare and security services – responsibility and liability (22 November 2016)


PhD Course on Long Term Contracts – Theory and Practices (pdf)

Time: 21 November 2016 from 09:30 – 17:00

Venue: Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Studiestræde 6, 1455 Copenhagen

The course is set to give 1 ECTS. PhD students accepting a request to give a course presentation or provide critical feedback to a presentation will be granted 2 ECTS.

Course organiser: The PhD School and Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA)

Any questions about the course may be directed to Professor Ole Hansen (+45 35 32 35 96 or or Assistant Professor Marta Andrecka (+4535335471 or )

Maximum no. of participants: 20


An abstract (500 words) on how your PhD thesis relates to the overall theme of the PhD course must be submitted to Professor Ole Hansen no later than 10 November 2016.

Signing up

Please sign up by filling in this form
no later than Friday 18 November 2016 12:00

All administrative inquiries should be addressed to Sharon Khan at