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PhD course on Communication and Rhetoric

RELINE launches a PhD course on communication and rhetoric in judicial settings. The course is designed for doctoral students working on dissertations on language use in legal proceedings, e.g. rhetoric, discourse analysis, forensic linguistics and plain legal language.

The seminar will focus on the interdisciplinary aspect involved in studies of communication in legal proceedings, and also facilitates discussions on the challenges and possibilities of using interdisciplinary methods. RELINE therefore invites doctoral students coming from across disciplines to participate, including law, linguistics, rhetoric, communication and translations studies, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history.

One of the main activities of the PhD course will be the master classes conducted by Professor Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn Law School) and Professor Kati Hannken-Illjes (University of Stuttgart), respectively. Their Master classes include discussions on how arguments are prepared for the courtroom and are changed during the procedure, sincerity in lawyer’s speech, how law should be understood in a multilingual setting and how laws should be understood either as language or intent.

For further information about the program, please
download the updated programme here.

Practical informations

The course takes place at Nyborg Strand Hotel between the 15th and 16th of August. For further information about location.

Participants may wish to sign up for the RELINE seminar Talking Like a Lawyer - Talking with a Lawyer to be held at Nyborg Strand Hotel 16 - 17 August 2012, in direct continuance of the PhD course.  Separate registration for this event is required.

Participation requires readings of approximately 100 pages. The course covers 2 ECTS. To acquire the points the student must be participating in both days, for further information see program.

Use this registration form to sign up for the seminar.

Deadline for signing up for the seminar: 28 June 2012. Participation will be confirmed by 1 July, 2012.

A short description of their research interest

By 7 July 2012 participants should submit a description of their research interest, 200-400 words (abstract of dissertation project), and a short biographical note. All materials and inquiries should be addressed to Anne Lise Kjær: 

RELINE is subsidising most of the costs of this event. However, travel costs must be paid by the participants themselves.

Please note that the language of the seminar will be English and Danish, whereas the course will be in English.

All inquiries about the course and seminar should be directed to or