Vacant PhD scholarships at the Faculty of Law – University of Copenhagen

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07 July 2017

Vacant PhD scholarships at the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen hereby announces a number of fully funded PhD positions to commence in September 2017

Founded in 1479 as one of the four original faculties of the University of Copenhagen, the Faculty of Law boasts a long-standing reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The Faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programmes in law. Through research-based education the Faculty ensures that law graduates acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their legal careers in the private or public sector both at home and abroad. With 5000 undergraduate and graduate students, over 50 PhD fellows, and an academic staff of more than 80 professors, the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen is a vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

The Faculty offers fully funded PhD positions for the following research projects

Please clearly specify which project you are applying for

CILCC – Centre for International Law, Conflict and Crisis

The PhD position is set as part of a broader overall research project on climate change and most vulnerable countries which aims to explore two new academic insights: on migration and climate change, and on the new loss and damage provision of the Paris Climate Agreement. Thus, the overall project will contribute to the understanding of two very recent and landmark legal developments:

a) the new ‘loss and damage’ provision made at 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21), December 2015 - Article 8 of the Paris Agreement (,
b) the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants adopted by United Nations (UN) member states at the ‘Global Summit for Refugees and Migrants’, 19 September 2016 ( ).

Specifically, the PhD project will delve into the shift in international climate change law, which accepts the inevitability of an increase in dire consequences of climate change (such as the loss of land from sea level rise) to which traditional mitigation and adaptive responses are no longer effective. This sub-project, which forms the basis for the PhD research, is as follows:

Clarifying the ‘Loss and Damage’ of Climate Change: Scope, Implications and Implementation Beyond Paris

Research Question: What are the legal implications of the new ‘loss and damage’ provision of the Paris Agreement? How can the implementation of the loss and damage provision deliver solutions for the most vulnerable countries?

(Please note that the PhD project is exclusively focused upon the ‘Loss and Damage’ provision (i.e. it is not focused upon migration).

CEVIA – Centre for Enterprise Liability

In CEVIA, a PhD scholarship is available within the research area “public contracts”. Of particular interest are projects focusing on the application of the contract as an alternative to an administrative act for regulating the relationship between a public entity and a private party. The application of this type of contract raises the basic question to what extent such contracts are subject to private law regimes or public law regimes or a mixture of both. The question is relevant both with regard to formation of contracts and with regard to the effects of the contracts.

The PhD project is connected to two framework projects in CEVIA, see:

Contact person: Professor Vibe Ulfbeck

CEVIA – Centre for Enterprise Liability (in Danish only)

Et ph.d.-stipendium inden for området “Regulering af boligmarkedet” udbydes. Projektet medfinansieres af Grundejernes Investeringsfond. Der er udarbejdet en projektbeskrivelse, som udgør udgangspunktet for stipendiet.

Se mere her:  
Projektet skal analysere retstilstanden på det danske boligmarked inden for tre udvalgte områder: lejemarkedet, ejerboligmarkedet og andelsboligmarkedet. Målsætningen er blandt andet at identificere relevante, interesser og hensyn på de tre udvalgte områder.

Projektet relaterer sig til rammeprojektet om ”Længerevarende kontrakter” i CEVIA, se nærmere:

Contact person: Docent, PhD Kim Frost

The PhD Programme

The goal of the PhD Programme is threefold: to prepare candidates for a continuing career in teaching and research; to educate a new generation of scholars to produce high-quality independent research; and to equip them with the analytical and problem-solving skills required for a successful career in both the public and private sectors.


  • Applicants must have obtained a degree that corresponds to the Danish Master of Laws (120 ECTS) or equivalent qualifications (see ). Applicants must have obtained a minimum overall grade average of 8.2 or above at the Master’s level in accordance with the Danish grading scale (for Danish scale, see )  Applicants for the integrated 3+5 PhD programme must have obtained a degree that corresponds to the Danish Bachelor of Laws (180 ECTS) or equivalent qualifications.
  • Applicants may submit their application before they have completed their Master’s degree (or, for applicants for the integrated 3+5 PhD programme, before they have earned the Bachelor’s degree), however, they should have submitted the final evaluation for their course before 1 September 2017.
  • Applicants must document an aptitude for research through the meritorious assessment of their final thesis, publications or academic recommendations in order to show that they are capable of undertaking the demanding task of writing a PhD thesis.
  • Applicants must have excellent language skills in English and have excellent communications skills. Applicants must be able to teach at an academic level in Danish or English and to follow PhD courses in English.
  • Documentation of English level can for instance be documented by an excellent IELTS or TOEFL test.

Successful PhD candidates are required to

  • Actively engage in the research environment at the University of Copenhagen; participate in international conferences, courses and meetings relevant to their research project;
  • comply with the formal requirements of the PhD programme; (
  • Contribute to teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in Danish or English offered by the Faculty of Law
  • Conduct independent and high quality research under the supervision of a senior member of academic staff at the Faculty.

Application procedure

Click Apply now below to be taken to the online application form.

We advise you to have the following documents ready before you begin your online application:

  • Research project proposal. This should include the following: (1) objective(s) of the research, (2) major research questions, (3) review of relevant literature, (4) methodology to be applied in the research, and (5) a timetable that plans for all course requirements to have been met within three years. The project description must elaborate on the value of the proposed research project in terms of its relevance to existing and future research in the field (maximum 6 pages excluding bibliography). The document must be in Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5 and all margins (right, left, top and bottom) of 2 cm.
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages).
  • Diplomas and transcripts. Certified copies of original diploma(s) and transcripts (both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) in the original language and an authorized English translation if they are issued in other language than English or Danish.
  • Grading scale. A certified explanation of grading scale in the original language and an authorized English translation if it is available in other language than English or Danish.
  • Supervisor. The name of a member of academic staff whom you wish to have assigned as your supervisor. You do not need to contact the supervisor but simply make a request in your application.
  • Letter of motivation.  Explaining the choice of the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen as a host institution for the proposed project and outlines how the project fits within the research priorities at the Faculty (maximum 1 page).
  • Documentation of English level. Documentation of English level can for instance be documented by an excellent IELTS or TOEFL test when relevant.

Applications must be submitted electronically in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.

The recruitment process

After the expiry of the deadline for applicants the Dean will pre-select PhD applications that will proceed to the assessment stage upon the recommendation of the Selection Committee. Applicants are pre-selected for further assessment in line with the Faculty’s recruitment needs as described in this job advertisement. This is carried out based on the overall assessment of the applicant’s educational qualifications, the quality of the submitted research proposal and its relevance to the Faculty’s research agenda, and other relevant qualifications (e.g. relevant professional experience, any previous academic publications etc.).

All applicants are then notified by the PhD administration as to whether their application has proceeded to the assessment stage. This assessment is carried out by an expert assessment committee. Selected applicants will be notified of the composition of the assessment committee. When the committee has completed its assessment, each applicant has the opportunity to comment on the assessment. A number of qualified applicants will be invited for an interview.


The Faculty of Law offers supervision by highly qualified academics and provides an excellent opportunity to research contemporary legal issues in an intellectually stimulating environment.

If you are offered a PhD position, you will receive a regular monthly salary in accordance with Danish law and you will be entitled to an annual research budget. The Faculty does not provide accommodation.

General information

Terms of employment

Successful candidates will be employed in accordance with the agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance concerning the salary of PhD students.

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 16 August 2017, 23:59 GMT +1

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. If all the required documents are not applied, your application will be rejected.

Applications must be submitted electronically

The Faculty of Law is one of six faculties at the University of Copenhagen. The Faculty promotes research, education and knowledge dissemination in Danish, European and International Law. The research is driven by the Faculty’s specialist research centres and groups. With 5000 undergraduate and graduate students, over 50 PhD fellows, and an academic staff of more than 80 professors, the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen is a vibrant, diverse and intellectually stimulating academic environment. For more information, visit the Faculty’s website: