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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find information about the PhD programme

Please check this website or write and ask for more specific information to PhD@jur.ku.dk
When is the new application date for scholarships?

Usually in spring and autumn, however we have exceptions. Always, please check the hompage: www.jura.ku.dk/phd/english/

What do I have to do if I want to apply for enrolment without scholarship?

You follow the same procedure as if you apply for scholarship, however, you can apply at any time. See application procedure on the homepage. In case you want to apply you will have to pay a tuition fee. 

How much would I have to pay in tuition fee?

At the Faculty of Law the tuition fee is about DKK 70,000 (USD 12,000) per year and further DKK 36,000 if an office is needed. The Faculty of Law decides which applicants to enrol as PhD fellows. If you are awarded a PhD scholarship the tuition fee will be fully covered.

Do I have to speak Danish if I apply for enrolment?

The answer is no, but it is a very good idea to be willing to learn the Danish language as most of the academic environment speak Danish and seminars and courses are held in Danish. English is our second used language.
Where can I find a supervisor who can guide me in the application process?

Look at the Faculty webpage at Centres and Service Units, or use this link www.jura.ku.dk/english/centres_service_units/ 

FAQ for enrolled PhD students see KU net