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Oral examination practices

Would you like to develop better oral examination practices?

In this workshop about oral examination, you will work together with colleagues on how to plan and conduct an examination based on explicit criteria and in accordance with learning theory as well as formal requirements. You will have the opportunity of examining a student in his or her subject and get feedback on the process. Based on this, participants in the workshop will develop a guide that will be useful for you as well as for colleagues at the Faculty for planning and conducting oral examinations.

Associate professor Kristian Cederval Lauta and pedagogical consultant Bente Kristiansen will facilitate the workshop. For further information, contact: kristian.lauta@jur.ku.dk, phone: 35324381 or bente.kristiansen@jur.ku.dk, phone: 93565016.


  • The purpose of examination; the Danish oral exam
  • Preparing, conducting and evaluating an examination
  • Developing a guide for examinations

Before the workshop:

Please read:

Please write down what you consider the three most important things to do when preparing an oral examination for you students.

This workshop is a mandatory part of the pedagogical course for PhD-students.

Registration: For participation in this workshop please use this registration form no later than 4 April 2018, 12:00.