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Teaching and Doctoral Training

PhD students

iCourt PhD students are viewed as integrated members of the iCourts research team. They will have access to all iCourts facilities, including expert supervision, visits to our targeted international collaborators, research funding, specialised research training courses, etc.

Within the first month of enrolment at the Law Faculty in the iCourts doctoral program, students must write up a three-year individually tailored work programme. This should be prepared by the individual PhD students in close cooperation with their supervisors and the head of doctoral training. All PhD students must have a main supervisor and a co-supervisor who approve the individual program. As iCourts is a basic science research centre, all individual projects must have appropriate methodologies, as well as include primary research in addition to drawing on secondary sources.

To facilitate leaning all PhD students will upon enrolment be appointed a mentor who will introduce him/her to iCourts and the Copenhagen Law Faculty. PhD-students who have been in iCourts for more than a year are expected to act as a mentor for new students.

Within the first year of enrolment all PhD students will present his/her research project at an internal iCourts seminar. Here you will receive critical feedback on your project from the iCourts team, and you will be expected to regularly share your insight and knowledge with the team. As part of the program, PhD-students will share research skills between them. PhD-students will be expected to form their own workshops and organise international doctoral conferences on relevant research issues.

All iCourts PhD students are expected to visit at least one, and hopefully two of our targeted international collaborators. Students should present a research visit plan to their Supervisors and the head of iCourts doctoral training before finalizing any arranged visit. The goal of such visits is to  expose doctoral students to a research environment outside the University of Copenhagen. To this end, students are expected to solicit feedback and be an active participant in the intellectual life of the host institution. 

As part of the overall PhD-programme at The Faculty of Law, iCourts PhD students must complete doctoral training courses totalling approx. 30 ECTS points. iCourt PhD students will be required to meet this requirement by participating in the following types of training activities:

  • iCourts Lab (a number of specialised seminars internal to iCourts)
  • Supervised conference presentations
  • The Science BBQ (A theory and methods orientated research training programme at The Law Faculty)
  • Training Courses at our targeted international collaborators
  • JURFORSK training courses (Courses offered by the Danish/Nordic network of PhD-programmes)
  • Other relevant activities

Finally, as part of the overall PhD-programme, PhD students must build experience in the academic profession of sharing research and teaching. iCourts students are expected to fulfil this requirement through teaching either in Copenhagen or at the institution of one of our targeted international collaborators. We also encourage that iCourts students publish during their research project, but in any event expect students to demonstrate that they have fulfilled these expectations.