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Carolina Alvarez Utoft

Carolina Alvarez Utoft

PhD fellow

Carolina Alvarez Utoft is a PhD student at iCourts who examines the interplay of legal, political and sociological dynamics and elements underlying the evolution of Inter-American Court of Human Rights as an institution over time in order to understand its impact on human rights both on its region of influence and as part of the broader international legal field.


In addition to the PhD trainning offered by iCourts and the Faculty of Law at University of Copenhagen, she undertook courses as a visiting scholar at Northwestern University in Chicago and at Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Basque Country for carrying out her interdisciplinary dissertation project. As for teaching, she has co-designed and taught the Bachelor course “International Courts and International Dispute Resolution” at the Faculty of Law of University of Copenhagen.


Previously, she completed her master studies in the program "Public Law and Integration Processes: European Union and Mercosur", carried out at the University of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, and worked as a legal researcher financed by the Government of La Coruña on an interdisciplinary project which explored the implications for multilevel democratic governance of contracting out through administrative agencies in the Spanish Central Administration within the context of the European regional integration.

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