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26 September 2012

The Progressive Court

In a new article, Mikael Rask Madsen investigates the relationship and interaction between the development of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and the European integration since the 1950s. More specifically, he demonstrates a striking correspondence between the emergence of the ECtHR as a progressive actor in the field of human rights and the more general societal evolutions towards a more permissive society during the same period.

Read more in Mikael Rask Madsen: “O surgimento do tribunal de direitos humanos progressista: o TEDH e a transformação da Europa” in Cecília Santos (ed.): A Mobilização Transnacional do Direito: Portugal e o Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos [Transnational Legal Mobilization: Portugal and the European Court of Human Rights], (Almedina Press 2012).