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Ana Nordberg

Ana Nordberg

Assistant professor

Ana Nordberg is a former practicing lawyer with a strong interest in science and technology. Her research concerns primarily Patent Law in the pharmaceutical and health sector. Generaly, Ana Nordberg's interrests extend to the multi-layered and multifaceted intersections between the legal, ethical, social and economic aspects of emerging technologies.

Current research

Identifying legal challenges brought by synthetic biology; possible venues for integrating this emerging technology into the existing legal framework; and suggest alternative innovative approaches if necessary.

The objective is to map potential legal challenges of synthetic biology and debate selected legal issues that show greater practical relevance for the European and Danish synthetic biology community and society at large.

In particular: (a) interrogations concerning the usefulness of the current regulatory framework concerning this emerging technological field; and (b) the use of open innovation solutions or alternative intellectual property rights protection, and how to consolidate and coordinate such models with technology transfer to an industrial setting.


Primary fields of research

  • Emerging Technologies Law and regulations
  • European Patent Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law
  • Comparative European and USA Law

Fields of interest

  • Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical and Health Law
  • Law and Technology
  • Law and Ethics
  • Law and Economics

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