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Brexit: Risks and opportunities - a view from London lawyers

Brexit keeps on triggering completely new and never before considered legal questions. In the wake of that, lots of legal uncertainty has arisen. Under such extremely unusual and unprecedented circumstances, how do law firms view the situation and how do they advise clients?

Our three speakers, who are distinguished London lawyers from the leading law firms Monckton Chambers and Eversheds, have agreed to hold a panel discussion in Copenhagen on the UK’s post Brexit future.

This event will be of considerable interest:

  •  To private practitioners who already have (or might one day have) dealings with the UK;
  • To public sector practitioners who are engaged , directly or indirectly, in the matters covered by the Brexit negotiations, or have an interest in the impact of the domestic UK legislative aftermath on Danish entities and citizens; and
  • To academics in relevant fields.

Since the UK Government is expected to have triggered the process of British exit from the EU during March 2017, the timing of this event is highly apt.
The speakers intend to cover the following subjects:

  • The UK Government’s master plan for the negotiations (the Government’s White Paper);
  • Aspects of post Brexit regulation in the Competition field;
  • Aspects of post Brexit regulation in the Telecommunications sector;
  • Aspects of post Brexit regulation in the Transport field;
  • Policing the consensus: who or what could be the substitute for the roles of the Commission and the CJEU?;
  • The proposed UK Great Repeal Bill - its purpose and coverage;
  • General debate and discussion.

More information and brief biographical details of the speakers.

Members of the Danish Association of European Law is welcome - registration should take place in writing to:

Dansk Forening for Europaret either at or to: