Mikael Rask Madsen redaktør på særnummer af International Political Sociology – Københavns Universitet

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17. oktober 2011

Mikael Rask Madsen redaktør på særnummer af International Political Sociology

International Political Sociology har netop udgivet et særnummer om Pierre Bourdieu og internationale studier, hvor Mikael Rask Madsen og Didier Bigo fra Sciences-Po, Paris, er redaktører. 

Hele særnummeret findes her:



 International Political Sociology, frontpage of magazine




International Political Sociology 5(3), September 2011SPECIAL ISSUE - BOURDIEU AND THE INTERNATIONAL 

  1. Introduction to Symposium: “A Different Reading of the International”: Pierre Bourdieu and International Studies (pages 219–224), Didier Bigo and Mikael R. Madsen. PDF(73K)
  2. Pierre Bourdieu and International Relations: Power of Practices, Practices of Power (pages 225–258), Didier Bigo. PDF(206K)
  3. Reflexivity and the Construction of the International Object: The Case of Human Rights (pages 259–275), Mikael Rask Madsen. PDF(126K)
  4. Hegemonic Battles, Professional Rivalries, and the International Division of Labor in the Market for the Import and Export of State-Governing Expertise (pages 276–293), Yves Dezalay and Bryant G. Garth. PDF(127K)
  5. The Promises, Problems, and Potentials of a Bourdieu-Inspired Staging of International Relations (pages 294–313), Anna Leander. PDF(142K)
  6. The Struggle Over Global Higher Education: Actors, Institutions, and Practices (pages 314–326), Niilo Kauppi and Tero Erkkilä. PDF(106K)
 Contributions to the Forum: Inter- and Transnational Field(s) of Power
  1.  On a Field Trip with Bourdieu (pages 327–330, Rebecca Adler-Nissen
  2. Don’t Throw Out the “Brussels Bubble” with the Bathwater: From EU Institutions to the Field of Eurocracy (pages 331–334), Didier Georgakakis
  3. Bourdieu Hits Brussels: The Genesis and Structure of the European Field of Power (pages 335–339), Antonin Cohen
  4. Interstitial Power in Fields of Limited Statehood: Introducing a “Weak Field” Approach to the Study of Transnational Settings (pages 340–345), Antoine Vauchez