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Ditlev Tamm

Ditlev Tamm


Professor Ditlev Tamm was born in Copenhagen 1946. He graduated in law from the University of Copenhagen in 1970. He has been employed in the Danish Ministry of Justice and since 1973 been attached to the Law Faculty of the University of Copenhagen. Since 1978 he has been in charge of the chair of legal history as an ordinary professor of the history of law.
Ditlev Tamm is a doctor of law (dr. jur.). His doctoral thesis from 1977 deals with the history of Danish private law in the 19th century seen in an international context in which especially influences from the contemporary German criminalist school, Kant and his followers, the historical school and the French Code civil are notable.
Ditlev Tamm has also pursued studies of History and in 1984 was promoted dr. phil. In the University of Odense. His doctoral thesis in history was on the theme of collaboration in the Second World War and the legal and moral purge after the occupation in Denmark.
Since 1978 Ditlev Tamm has been responsible for the teaching of Danish Legal History, European legal History, Comparative law and Church Law at the law faculty of the University of Copenhagen. His research has been into the fields of legal history in a broad sense. He has also published several books on Danish political history and within the field of general cultural studies and the study of learning and the history of Universities.
Ditlev Tam has published several articles in Danish, English and French on the law of the Church and in fields of Moral Theology and the Law. He has been a guest lecturer on the theme of Church and State in the Universities of Firenze, Oviedo and Strassbourg. He also takes active part in the current Danish discussion on the role of the Church and the relations between the Danish official church and the state. He is currently preparing a book (in collaboration) on the Danish popular Church.
Ditlev Tamm is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences of several other Danish academic associations. He has been a member of the board of the Max-Planck-Institut für europäiche Rechtsgeschichte in Frankfurt, he is a member of the Instituto di Investigaciones de la Historia del Derecho in Buenos Aires and of the Instituto Instituto Internacional de Historia del Derecho Indiano, of the French Société d'Historie de Droit and the International Academy of Comparative Law. He is honorary doctor at the University of Helsinki (dr. jur. h.c.).
Studies at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau and Paris were made 1970-71. He has lectured in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish at several European and Latin American Universities. He has a working knowledge of Classical languages and Russian. 1994-95 he was guest professor at the University of Kiel. He has been awarded the Sarton Medal for Law 2004-05.
He is a regular legal advisor to the Danish Department of Family Law and has served as chairman of several official commissions and boards. He is the Danish representative in the International Committee on the History of Universities and is currently preparing a history of the law in a cultural perspective.

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