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About the centre

Centre for Studies in Legal Culture was established in 2007. In 2013 the centre was extended for a period of five years.

The centre is an interdisciplinary research centre and is the frame of a number of legal courses.  Besides this, the centre is engaged in the relationship between law and culture

The name ”Centre for Studies in Legal Culture” refers to the ambiguous concept legal culture.

Within the term legal culture, the centre is dealing with a number of research areas, especially legal history, law and the humanities, legal anthropology, family law and international development law.

The term legal culture is understood as a cultural phenomenon, and this understanding is the frame of the research at the centre.

Legal culture is also the field of tension between national law and the influence of foreign legal systems and national legislative processes.

In a more practical and narrow meaning, legal culture is a generic description of a number of ways to perceive law. It is based on a common conviction that traditional legal dogmatic analyses should be seen in a broader socio-cultural perspective

Centre for Studies in Legal Culture’s approach and research areas follows an international tendency within legal research.  This is about promoting a closer dialogue between the common and dogmatic areas of law, and an ambition to enter into a dialogue with the humanities and other social sciences.                                                                                       

Til toppen Management and organisation

Centre management
Ditlev Tamm

Ditlev Tamm, Head of centre