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The participants in the Copenhagen Competition are students from selected top universities from around the world, where each invited University can participate with one team and one country can maximum be represented by two teams. The competition is by invitation only. The invited universities are: The star alliance IARU Universities' Law Faculties and selected universities from regions that are not represented in the IARU star alliance.

The universities are invited to the written round, which functions as the qualification round for the oral round, held in Copenhagen. 8 teams from the written round will advance to the oral round, whereof two slots are reserved to least developed countries (provided the invited least developed countries participates in the competition).

Every team in the competition represents a fictitious state. The teams are free to decide their own policies for their fictitious state, and the name of their fictitious state, but the fictitious countries will have to represent climatic and economic realities of the “real” country (e.g. what they produce and export.


The judges in the Copenhagen Competition written round consist of one ‘hard’ science expert and a clinical legal education expert.

The judges in the oral round are comprised of one ‘hard’ science expert, as well as two legal experts and/or top negotiators/stake holders in the field. The professional level of the Judges is professors, ambassadors or high ranking officials from Intergovernmental Organizations.

Judges in the Written Round