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Copenhagen Biotech & Pharma Forum (CBPF)

Copenhagen Biotech & Pharma Forum (CBPF)


The Copenhagen Biotech & Pharma Forum (CBPF) is a research and study group operating under the auspices of the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) of the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. The group is headed by Professor Timo Minssen, Associate Professor Janne Rothmar Herrmann (on leave) and Post-doctoral researcher Ana Nordberg. The core team members include Professor Jens Schovsbo, Assistant Professor Andrea Faeh, and PhD Fellows Berit Andersen Faber, Olga Kokoulina, Neethu Rajam and Jakob Wested. It focuses on legal issues related to Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, with a particular focus on the European market. The group's activities include the following:

Hosting regular meetings with practitioners to discuss current legal developments in Biotech & Pharma

Interdisciplinary and broader societal communication is the key to the future of legal research. The CBPF research group is openly engaged in debate with practitioners concerning any new development in the field that may require legal research and/or are object of legislative and jurisdictional activity.

Organization of public events dealing with Biotech & Pharma law

Members of our research group often present their work at both national and international conferences and seminars. For information on event participation, please check our researcher’s pages to the right.

Engaging in dialogue with policymakers & stakeholders

The CBPF consistently communicates with policymakers and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors. We also respond to government consultations on topics relating to this area.

Identifying and developing pertinent and current legal research questions in Biotech and Pharma

Members of the Copenhagen Biotech & Pharma Forum are actively engaged in several research projects connected with the area of biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals and frequently publish on the subject.



  • Please check individual publication list to the right.

Teaching Biotech and Pharma Law

  • EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy in an International Context
  • Immaterialret
  • Videregående Immaterialret - industrielle rettigheder
  • European Pharmaceutical Law, IPR & the Life Sciences – from research to market approval, commercialization and distribution
  • Law, Science and Technology in the Information Society
  • Pharmaceutical Law & Policy - hot topics shaping the future of the European pharmaceutical industry
  • EU Health and Medical Law
  • Bioret