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25 August 2017

Publication from CIIR researcher fellow in Nature Biotech

CIIR researcher Rajam Neethu discusses use of scientific data in biomedical research in this month’s Nature Biotech.

CIIR researcher Rajam Neethu shares her thoughts on the use of scientific data in research in her recent work published in this month’s Springer Nature Biotechnology journal (peer reviewed).

The work titled ‘What the roll out of EU data legislation means for you’ examines certain concerns in relation to the use and processing of data for biomedical research. The General data protection Regulation adopted last year by the European Parliament stands to strengthen the use of personal data in scientific research however tends to limit it in certain ways as per the author. The work was Published online on 8th Aug pending final publication and the press embargo was lifted at 11 am, US Eastern time, 8th August , 2017 when the paper was published online.

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