Constitutional Change: New article by Professor Ph.D. Helle Krunke, CE – University of Copenhagen

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05 February 2013

Constitutional Change: New article by Professor Ph.D. Helle Krunke, CE

Journal of European Public Policy 17Helle Krunke has taken part in an international research project on constitutional change in Europe, Canada and the USA. The project has resulted in a book entitled 'Engineering Constitutional Change. A Comparative Perspective on Europe, Canada and the USA' which has been published at Routledge, 2013. Helle Krunke has contributed to the book with a chapter on 'Formal and informal methods of constitutional change in Denmark'. The book explores different ways of constructing constitutional change in different legal systems in Europe, Canada and the USA. To capture the patterns of constitutional change, multi-faceted parameters are explored such as the interrelations between form of government, party system, and constitutional amendment; the interplay between constitutional change and the system of constitutionality review; the role of the people, civil society, and experts in constitutional change; and the influence of international and European law and jurisprudence on constitutional reform and evolution. The books offers some general models for constitutional change based on the comparative analysis.

Read more about the book here